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What's a Carrier Cozy?


A Carrier Cozy® is the must-have cover for your carrier.  It's easy to use and takes only seconds to put on.  Just wrap it and go!

Whether your pet is a cat, a dog, a bird or an iguana, the Carrier Cozy® can provide a more comfortable travel experience for both you and your pet.

Traveling with pets is better with a Carrier Cozy®!

The Carrier Cozy® surrounds the carrier, closing up many of the open holes that allow your pet's natural body heat to escape in cold weather.  By covering the carrier, while keeping the front open for ventilation, your pet is able to breathe easily, while creating a nice, warm atmosphere within the carrier.

Whether you are transporting your pet to the vet, on an airplane or waiting outside for a train, our Carrier Cozy® creates a more comfortable travel experience for your pet.  Although a Cozy won't protect your pet from prolonged exposure to the cold or extreme weather, it certainly helps keep your pet warm while making short trips outside.

The Carrier Cozy® also provides both privacy and an overall lack of distraction, which can be very calming for most pets.

When traveling in public, the Carrier Cozy® helps to provide some privacy for both you and your pet, by providing a shield that prevents children (and adults) from poking their fingers through the various holes around the sides of the pet carrier.  Your pet will be more comfortable and can rest, undisturbed.  Plus, you don't have to worry about your pet biting any fingers.

Even if your pet is traveling within the privacy of your own car, the Carrier Cozy® can muffle the noise and block out passing and flashing lights, which can be distracting to (and stressful for) many types of animals.  It also provides a bit of shade from the glaring sun.

This works especially well for cats, who love small, covered spaces.  All of you cat owners know that cats love finding the smallest, most private spot in your home to curl up and relax.  Don't you think they'd prefer a covered carrier to one that is open?  A covered carrier is inviting and provides a comfy nook for your cat to settle into.
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