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Jon Pappas said:   July 30, 2015 12:51 pm PST
Awesome product! This is genius. I know what I'm putting on this year's xmas list. Thank you for coming up with this great idea!

Michelle said:   January 3, 2014 11:22 am PST
I LOVE MY CARRIER COZY!! My cat has always hated going in her carrier, and has even fled at the sight of it. As soon as I brought my cozy home and put it on the carrier, not only did she walk over to inspect it, but decided to go into the carrier of her own volition and hang out there for a while. Even now that I've had to use it to take her out, she still really likes the carrier with the cozy on it and clearly thinks of it differently. I'll never go back!!!

Carolyn Ayala CFMG said:   November 24, 2013 3:40 pm PST
Our Carrier Cozy is terrific! We posted a picture of it on our KITTYPRIDEINC Instagram page to share your info with our friends. Thanks. www.nyckiitygrooming.com

Karen Moculeski said:   September 4, 2013 2:14 am PST
I bought my cozy carrier a couple of years ago, and have been nothing but thrilled with it! It is easy to wrap around your travel carrier, and provides warmth on cold days and nights in fall and winter. I would recommend this item to everyone!!

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