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The birth of the Carrier Cozy®

Traveling with pets can be tough.  Even if you don't extensively travel with pets, they still need to visit the vet every once in a while, right?  Especially if you have more than 1 animal.  In my case, trips to the vet seemed to be more than every once in a while... 

Now imagine a cold, windy day.  Then imagine you have to get your pet to the vet in this weather.  You grab a sweatshirt or a blanket and throw it around the carrier, hoping it'll keep your munchkin warm, but it doesn't stay in place and it's really more frustrating than helpful. 

This was my story.  I had 2 cats, who always seemed to get sick on the coldest, most dreary of days.  Whether it was raining, snowing or just plain cold, my poor cats were always being exposed to the chilly New York City weather.

The sweatshirts never worked.  Plus, I didn't really have one that I could slide over the carrier, so it just sort of sat on top of the carrier awkwardly, and never really prevented the wind from rustling through the carrier.

The blankets were a little better, but they were cumbersome and always sliding off or dragging on the ground.  Plus, how are you supposed to hail a cab or swipe a Metrocard when you need 2 hands to keep the blanket in place?

My mother was 'lucky' enough to experience this with me more than once.  One day, on the way to the vet, we questioned if there was a product that existed, which would keep our carrier covered (and my cats comfortable), while allowing me to open a car door or even hold an umbrella at the same time.  We figured it MUST exist!  It was just too obvious not to!

When we returned from the vet, we started our search.  The Internet, our local pet supply stores... but nothing.  We even searched for patents to see if maybe the product was in the works.  Still nothing.  We decided that we could do this ourselves.  My mom has sewing skills and we both had sketched out a design, so we set to work.  We built a sample and took our prototype and drawings to a patent lawyer.  After some time and a lot of work, we secured our patent, got a trademark and the Carrier Cozy® was born!

I started using my Carrier Cozy® all of the time.  To the vet... to visit my parents... and the compliments were endless. "What a GREAT idea!" and "Where did you get that?!" were just a few of the comments I would hear constantly.  As a result, we perfected the design and decided to make a limited amount of them to see if they'd sell locally.  They did, and now we're very excited to share our product with people from all over, not just in NY & CT!

My cats love their Cozys and now I actually love traveling with them.  I know they're warm and less stressed.  The Carrier Cozy® keeps my cats comfortable, while keeping my mind at ease.

We hope you and your pets like our product as much as we do!


Co-inventor (with Pat) of the Carrier Cozy®
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